Shikha Mittal


You Need To Know About Sisterlocs Which Is Different From Dreadlocs

Locs looks beautiful and it adds grace on your looks. Mostly people know about dreadlocs and have you ever heard about sisterlocks. Sisterlocks have gained widespread popularity in the black community.  Braidlocks on the other hand can also be started by anyone but you will also need a tool to maintain the growing locs. If you are interested in sisterlocks then read on and get ready for your new obsession. Sisterlocks are miniature-sized dreadlocks or micro-braids. They are maintained using the interlocking method. The main thing that differentiates Sisterlocks from traditional locs is their tiny size. 

Sisterlocks were developed by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in 1993. They are also called miniature-sized dreadlocks or micro-braids. They are maintained using the interlocking method. The main thing that differentiates Sisterlocks from traditional locs is their tiny size. They are versatile, highly recognizable in all of its lengths and stages, and will look so adorable.

What is the difference in traditional and Sisterlocks?
In dreadlocs, the size doesn’t determine the kind of dreadlocks one has. The technique used to start the locs does. Traditional locks are fairly easy to begin and maintain. The technique used to start the locs does. Where traditional locs are usually started with coils or single twists and can be started by anyone Starting the traditional locking process can take anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on the pace of your stylist and the size of your locs whereas Sisterlocks are started with a special Sisterlocks tool and can only be done by a Sisterlocks Consultant. In sister locs Your first treatment can take anywhere from 24 hours or more. When beginning the Sisterlock process, your hair can be either natural or relaxed.  The length to start them can be as short at an inch and a half or longer.

Pros of sisterlocks

Long lasting- Sisterlocks hairstyles are meant to be permanent. They are intended to be installed and then allowed to mature over time with periodic retightening sessions.

Versatility-  Sisterlocks are a lifestyle, not a hairstyle.  There is no natural hairstyle more versatile than Sisterlocks. If established correctly they are thinner and make your loose hair look fuller. They can be manipulated into just about any style you can imagine as they are so small.

Freedom- With sisterlocks you are free to go in rain. Outside of retightening your locs, all you need to do is wash your hair and go.  With sisterlocks, you don’t have to keep worrying about hair treatments and such stuff.

Fewer products are required- Sisterlocks do not like a ton of products. They look and behave best when they’re clean and free of product. This means that there’s no need to buy tons of stylers, serums, or other products.

Low maintenance- They are a medium maintenance hairstyle. The look of Sisterlocks is very neat and they barely look like “locs”. Sisterlocks are “designer locs” and customized for your hair texture and pattern. 

Disadvantages of Sisterlocks 

Expensive- Sisterlocks are comparatively expensive. Within the first year of having Sisterlocks, you will have spent around $1,000 on the initial installation and maintenance sessions.  You have to follow a very structured lifestyle and regimen. 

Time taking- It’s a fact that with dedication and regular maintenance, your locs will grow long and luscious. But your hair will take time to get longer; it can be frustrating for some.

Need best consultation- You need to get proper advice on ways of maintain the health and strength of your sisterlocks. And for this you need best consultant. Thus finding a competent person to guide you on your hair journey is hard so that you doesn’t make mistake during the early stages that cost them a lot later on.

Sisterlocks are super adorable hairstyle and this a new take on the traditional dreadlocks hairstyle. Sisterlocks are hairstyle where patience comes into play; so that you’ll experience one of the most rewarding benefits of Sisterlocks.