Shikha Mittal


You Must Know What Makeup Artist Want To Tell You!!

You always look beautiful when you wearing your dress with perfect pair of sandal, having nail art and putting makeup on for the special day or for an event. And getting your make done by a professional MUA will definitely give you awesome look feel like you are the special one who gets royal treatment.

Makeup is an art and doing it is always fun for both parties (MUA and their client). As a client you always expect magic from their side but you have to know there are number of things that your makeup artist wishes you to know for better cooperation and then they work like magic. When you have your makeup done professionally then keep these 9 things in mind.

Prep Your Skin

As you know your skin plays an important role in makeup. For that special day or any other occasion you must prepare your skin before a week. As you have to look best treat yourself with facial a few weeks before it. And do not experiment anything new through which you can get any type of allergy or reaction. Have a beauty sleep, don’t take more stress, (if is so, then it will make your day really bad). Cleanse tone and moisturize your face every day before the event so. Although make up can hide everything but clean face make MUA work easily, you have to prepare from your side so that you have that flawless look for the whole party.

Go with clean face

Don’t put any cream, lipstick, foundation or other makeup. This can messed up your makeup. It’s best to come with a fresh, clean face as your makeup will slide on much easier. According to your skin your makeup artist will apply product. You don’t have to worry about it!

Brush your teeth

Go to them after cleaning your teeth because their face is very near to you. They can’t bear any type of smell either it is from food or alcohol which  you’ve been drinking the night before.MUA will not going to tell you but this is something that you have to keep in your mind. You can also chew a mint before coming to them.

Don’t go with narrow mind

Go in with an open mind and trust the process. Your makeup artist takes a great deal of pride in creating a look that makes you look and feel your very best, so know that they are open to feedback from you as they work!  If there is any part of your look that you’re unhappy with, let her/him know.

Be on time

Usually makeup artist have back to back appointments. You must value their time. It’s really annoying for Makeup artist when you not showing on time if will affect other customers to. You are going late because of any reason, make sure to contact them and inform them as soon as possible, so that they adjust your time with others and others timing with yours. And if you are not going then also you must tell them then they will also feel that you respect their time also.

Edited makeup from Social media

We love social media, we also get influence. Many of us go to the MUA, show them instagram picture and tell them “this please”! Remember she is an artist not a magician. You know that it’s never gonna happen as the pic is edited and if it is not then probably it won’t suit you because you have a different hair, skin, or eye color. It will give pressure to them. Instead of this you can bring a photo of your outfit and your makeup artist can figure out a look that will best suit you based on your skin tone, outfit and jewelry color.

Clear all about your allergies/ skin condition

If you have any allergies with any product, you must tell them before process going to start. Tell them your skin condition if your skin is quite sensitive or if you’re on any medications that dry out your skin. They will apply makeup accordingly.

Don’t touch makeup tools and products

Don’t ever ever touch their products and makeup tools. Because these products are expensive, they also don’t know if you have clean hands. As they use these products on others they have to maintain it clean and hygiene. You must sit and don’t picking their goodies.

Speak up

Makeup gives you confident. And if you are not satisfied with the look you must speak up for it. Every makeup artist want that you leave salon with happy face not regretting face so it’s better to tell makeup artist so they can fix it.

Put your phone down.

If it is urgent then take a break otherwise please put your cell phone down. Your makeup artist will appreciate it. You have to be attentive and listen all their instructions, don’t move your face again and again, sit still. Your MUA is doing their best to create clean, crisp lines, and nothing is more difficult than applying makeup to a moving face.


Tipping is the best way to tell them that you appreciate their work. Your MUA will feel honored. If you don’t have more budget then you can show your gratitude by recommend them to your friends and family. Your referral keeps them in business and it will the best way to say thank you!!