Shikha Mittal


Ensure Safety and Security in the Workplace

It’s not an easy to survive your workplace without security and safety! We can deny the fact that it is dangerous world out there. Protection of your loved ones, your home, and your bank account is the most priority for you then why not you concern about your workplace safety? Offices, warehouses and other working environments can make very inviting targets for an enterprising thief. It is your duty as an employer to provide your employees with a sense of workplace security, but doing so will benefit your business too.

It’s is essential to have Security in every part of your workplace. This applies to the physical and electronic environments. Having the correct security measures in place deters potential intruders from disrupting your business

Importance of workplace safety

Workplace safety provides sense of security to the owner, their employees as well as their customer. It will remain trust between you and your employees as well as your customer. You have to follow guidelines and procedure to remain complains with local and national occupational safety authorities.  Safer working environments benefit from fewer accidents, which results in fewer occupational health costs, better employee retention and satisfaction, Company finances, Employee productivity, less employee downtime, and less retraining time.  There are a variety of security risks that must be considered on a day-to-day basis.  These include both external and internal threats, IT-related threats, and fire and life safety. However, security is most effective when it’s a team effort.  This is why employees play an important role in these efforts. 

Measures should be taken for Safety and Security

Install a Verified Alarm System to ensure quick police response times to catch criminals in the act.  An alarm system that protects the premise when no staff members are present is also advisable. Some security systems can even alert local law enforcement when they’ve been set off.

Also, if you don't already have one, install video systems or CCTV, at the entrances and exits of the complex or building as well as hall ways, stairwells and place were financial transactions will take place. Don’t just restrict video surveillance to the workplace, though. Any areas where equipment is stored or that employees might go should be covered too. These areas include entrances and exits, as well as car parks and stairwells.

You must increase awareness of security through extra training. Offer additional help to those who need it. Some primary areas like handling and processing cash in safe manner; staff practice when opening and closing business (they must observe in morning as everything is same or not); if they found any suspicious activity they must report it to you or their senior. Give them an opportunity to provide input and feedback to help give them a sense of responsibility. It is important that all your employees are knowledgeable about your safety and security procedures and thus they also give some contribution in protecting your business. You can also reward those who go above and beyond, or seek extra training. Small cash bonuses are an excellent motivating tool.

Install and update anti-virus software and other virtual safeguards. Stay safe by setting up automatic updates and patches for software and operating systems. You can also implement a strong password protocol. Data leaks are on the increase and can be very costly if the information gets into the wrong hands. A good password is one of the first lines of defense against cyber security threats yet most employees end up selecting weak passwords inadvertently. Instead, be creative and use unique passwords for each account. Do not share your password with anyone and never write it down and leave it on your desk.

Taking breaks helps to keep you alert and focused. Some people work straight through breaks in order to finish a job. While this shows a dedication to their company, it also shows a disregard for safety. Taking regular breaks can ensure projects are completed on time and without incident because it gives workers a chance to grab their focus.

Also take a special step that is you must prevent employees from copying data or company information by connection external devices like USB ports, floppy disk etc... Also restrict access to your server room for all employees. It should be allowed to whom who have passed in depth security clearance. Make sure your server room should be In the middle of your facility, it cannot be accessed through neighboring business’ common wall.

You can talk to office security experts for more tips on how to keep your business secure Law enforcement officers deal with emergencies and potentially dangerous situations day-in-day-out. They are often happy to offer advice and even give talks at local businesses with tips to improve workplace security. Your local government may even offer risk assessments depending on the nature of your business. They can ensure that you’re up to code on security procedures and provide you with information that will help you protect your workplace and your employees from both external and internal threats.