Gift from Sea- Seaweed and Benefits of Seaweed Bod...

Lizzy Brown / Aug 2021

Seaweed is an organic herb. It’s what it is, really – a plant full of goodness, coming at you from way back when.  It is harvested from the depths of seas and is packed w... Continue Reading

Effects Of Exercise On Mental Health

Raelynn Moore / July 2021

While mental exercise is important for brain health, that doesn’t mean you never need to break a sweat. Physical exercise helps your brain stay sharp. It increases oxygen... Continue Reading

Common Injuries from Working Out and Their Prevent...

Aman Tripathi / Jun 2021

Having a nice and fit body is a new trend for today’s youth and  In order to achieve their goals  they starts working- out in gym which is a best thing but sometimes they... Continue Reading

Beginner’s Guide About Spa Etiquette

Zac Smith / Jun 2021

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Stress harms your health- Reduce It!! Simple Ways...

Alia Sharma / May 2021

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy And It’s Benefits

Hector Watson / Apr 2021

We all are having too busy schedule and we continue chase our dream without taking a pause, without taking a break. Get some time for yourself so that with full of energy you again run be... Continue Reading