Shikha Mittal


Want to have Unique tattoo? Try FreeHand Tattoo

In today’s era tattoo achieving popularity and it goes in more artistic route. Custom tattoo and freehand tattoo work has become the true definition of a “good shop.” Are you familiar with free hand tattoo and exactly how it done?  There is a sort of magic that happens when a tattooer you trust draws an art piece directly onto you.  Read on what freehand tattoo is and how it is different from stencils tattoo.

What is Freehand Tattoo?

Freehand tattoos are considered to be at the high end of the craft. And it is done by the highly skilled artist because a freehand tattoo is drawn on the client and then tattooed. Artist will sketch directly on the skin with markers instead of transferring a stencil usually with several different colored permanent markers, just before the tattooing process begins.

There must be trust between artist and the client. It mostly comes down to artist preference, and a decision to freehand a design doesn't really imply anything else about the tattoo you're going to get. This technique can help with the natural flow and shape of the body. This is the best way to take on curvy or angled areas. Also, when a client wants to add to an existing tattoo, the new tattoo can be easily tailored to the empty space.

Why to choose Freehand Tattoo?

Using freehand for an entire piece allows artist to imitate the natural curves on the body which creates a whole other level of depth to the tattoo, adding their own artistic stamp at the same time. It is also a way for artist to showcase their skills and talent using the tattoo gun. And the result come wonder and their client is left with their mouths open in astonishment. As for the client, freehand tattoo is considered a bold move that adds a deeper meaning to the tattoo itself. A piece that’s totally unique and handmade. A tattoo you can never replicate. Also freehand tattooing is also considered ideal for filling the space between two or more tattoos since it does not hamper flow or connectivity. If you have pre-existing tattoo and want to add more changes or adding another tattoo in it then freehand tattoo is for you.

What is the difference between Stencil vs. freehand tattoo?

Both tattoos look same but the process is different. Stencils are not that must unique when it is compare to freehand tattoo technique. Freehand tattoos are cent per cent original. It is absolutely impossible to draw the same piece twice even if you have an excellent memory. If anyone likes your design and want to copy it, he/she cannot imitate it. He/she can just be inspired from it and create something similar.

When a tattoo drawing is going for “Stencilled”, the tattoo artist draws either a sketch, or a partial drawing or a finished drawing, and then reveals it to you for approval. A “Tattoo Stencil” can be called as a map for an artist to follow. Stencils marks out the different levels of shading throughout the piece, with dots. Using dot work instead of solid lines helps the artist match the shades in the image, without the lines of the stencil getting in the way

Freehanding is when an artist draws your tattoo on your skin on the date of your appointment. These tattoos don’t require you to go through the process of selecting a design and that getting a print of it, and taking it to the tattoo artist. There is no stencil used in freehand tattooing. The artist doesn’t pre-draw the design and show it to the client for approval. Yes freehand tattoo also include the discussion between artist and client but the trust require higher in comparison to stencil tattoo. The design is drawn directly onto the client’s skin,

The Process of Freehand Tattoos

Freehand tattoos come with a very simple yet daring process.  Now the fun begins-

-Select best and highly skilled artist

-Get an appointment.

-Now get ready to remove any bodily hair on the area where your tattoo will take place. Remove it properly, if any left may cause many mistakes to happen

-Time to design the tattoo, the artists will use colored markers to sketch the design on your body instead of using stencils

-Begin with light-shaded makers, and then go on to using darker ones to finish the design and give the overall design a more defined look.

And here you have a unique and creative ink on your skin.