Shikha Mittal


Importance of Beauty Sleep

Sleep is not give you relaxation but also plays an important role in your physical health. Do you know some extra sleep will make a huge difference in your life. With beaut sleep your body recovers from the day’s activities when you go to sleep. Beauty sleep is a real thing and imperative to a happier, healthier life.

What is Beauty Sleep?

Beauty sleep is good quality of sleep and good quantity of sleep, so that you wake up in the morning feeling ready to go — and keep yourself going throughout the day without getting tired or sleepy.

Side effects of not taking enough sleep

Sleeping can treat bad skin, puffy eyes, wrinkles and even aid in weight loss, while sleeping too little can aggravate all those aspects of your appearance and more. By hitting the hay for at least seven hours a night, you allow your body to get the full benefits of a good night’s sleep, including improving your appearance and making you appears radiant and full of life.

How to sleep properly

Wash your face

Washing your face before bed is a lot more important than it is do so in the morning. Sleeping with a dirty face makes way for pore-clogging irritants to sink in and do damage overnight leading to unhealthy skin. 

Moisturized your skin

Fresh dewy skin is in but during the winter or dry periods of the year, it can be pretty hard to attain as heaters often dry out the air, taking moisture from your hair and skin. To combat the dryness, consider using a humidifier in your bedroom, or even using a humidifying facial treatment to restore moisture while you sleep. 

Sleep at your back

When most people sleep, they tend to lie on their sides, pressing their faces, chests, and stomachs into their pillows and blankets. Though it may be the most comfortable, side sleeping can lead to premature aging by allowing those pillows and blankets to pull on your skin. As a result, sleep creases and wrinkles deepen.

Switch off all lights

Make sure to switch off all lights and close the curtains, for complete darkness through the night as well as the wee hours in the morning. And most importantly going to bed in a well-lit room, or near an open window through which bright sun rays can enter, hampers the original rhythm of sleep.


Exercise is another healthy habit that will help you get the ultimate beauty sleep. There is a mountain of research that shows physical exercise improves sleep quality.

What are the benefits of Beauty Sleep?

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Getting enough sleep can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When you sleep, the skin starts making new collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. The degradation of collagen leads to wrinkles, sagging of skin and other signs of aging. Getting less sleep can leave your skin dry, making the fine lines more visible. You need to get enough sleep so that the skin repair process works in your benefit and you wake up with plumper skin.

Reduce Hunger

Sleep deprivation disrupts your hunger hormones, and can cause you to overeat or crave unhealthy foods. Staying well rested helps balance these hormones, keeping your appetite regular and maintaining your weight.

Active all the time

It's no surprise that sleep quality significantly make you more alert and active. It also boost up your mood. There's nothing more refreshing than a good night's sleep, and we all know the feeling of irritability that follows a restless evening.

Improve your hair

Beauty sleep actually contributes to beautiful, fuller hair, too. As sleep is actually needed for proper protein synthesis of your hair and it can impact your hormones, which will also have an impact on your hair’s growth and appearance.

Rid From Depression

Just one week of not getting enough sleep could leave you feeling sad, angry, stressed out, and just generally not on your A-game. It may seem obvious, but not getting enough sleep increases your chances of feeling down—and that can lead to depression. People with insomnia are ten times as likely to be depressed as those who sleep soundly. And even if you’re not prone to a medical condition like depression, therefore make your sleep routine and get a beauty sleep. And you will find changes in yourself, you will smile more.