Denim Hair: The Latest Vivid Hair trend on Instagram

Each and every time you turn around, there's another striking hair trend around the niche. Right from aurora borealis, stenciled hair to rainbow underlights, rich toned ones like amethyst or sapphire, rose gold, etc, the past few years have seen a ton of bright dyes all across the globe.

Now I personally love experimenting and often fancy myself a denim aficionado, but more than that I am a fan. And you know what! Denim has made a beautiful comeback- but this time it's not with Demna Gvasalia jeans or jackets. It's the hair! Denim-inspired hair is pretty much in vogue on the Instagram and I am completely obsessed with it.

Well, this doesn't mean that people are cutting up strips of their old Levi's just to make a denim wig. It's more like the hair version of the latest denim nail art trend. Think back about your favorite over-washed jeans, the ones which are perfectly faded and can be literally paired with anything in your closet. Imagine the same color on your hair. Beautiful, isn't it?


Get The Look
Squeezing into your favorite pair of jeans and slipping into this hair color is altogether a different story. In order to get that ravishing look, one needs to:

Step 1- Bleach for the blue color to show up on the strands. Remember, the darker your base color, the more work may be needed to achieve the level of blue you desire.

Step 2- For this, seeing a hair colorist is always a good idea. Besides, if you are heading to a reliable salon don't forget to bring photos with you to show exactly what you want for your hair.

The Best Shades To Watch Out 


Indigo is one silhouette that I can't seem to get enough of right now. The ultra-dark shade offers an intense addition and it looks gorgeous on darker skin tones. It also contrasts beautifully with pale skin tones, as well, by creating an illuminating effect.


In case, if you aren't ready to part ways with your silver hair addiction, a stonewash denim hair color is worth considering. The grayish-blue shade softens the overall look of your hair giving you a metallic finish. Quite tempting, isn't it?

Acid Wash

The palest denim colors of all is the acid wash. And it's all about being pastel blue and white hybrid. So, whether you think of an all over dousing of color or prefer a bleached blonde and baby blue ombre, this denim do look gorgeous on lighter skin tones.

How To Maintain? 

Making a few changes to your hair care routine is the key. At first, switch out your regular hair care products and try using L'Oreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo, conditioner, the ultra-recovery mask.

Next, put down all the heat tools and embrace your natural texture.

Finally, keep up with your touch-ups by scheduling regular appointments with your colorist or hair stylist.

P.S - Denim hair looks definitely stunning. Therefore, it does require quite a bit of maintenance.