Shikha Mittal


Blonde To Brassy??? Here Is The Prevention And Solution.

New blonde hair color always looks gorgeous right? But every new thing needs a good care. Blond hair can turn out to brassy hair. The thing is, brassy blonde hair is very common amongst girls who dyed her hair blonde or simply aren’t naturally blondes. But, even if it is common, it doesn’t mean it should happen. If you follow a good care and follow all the instructions from your stylist you can enjoy your blonde for sure.

Brassy hair can happen with bleached or lightened your hair. When you bleach or lighten your hair, the warm tones from your natural color have a tendency to come out. The biggest culprit of brassy hair is lightening dark hair, because darker hair naturally contains more warm tones. Basically, your blonde shade may develop yellow, orange, or even reddish tones although sometimes there is a little hint of purple undertone as well. The main cause of the problem is when bleaching or lifting hair doesn’t eliminate the underlying pigment. That way, warm undertones remain and later they simply emerge via this undesirable effect. To avoid this situation follow these tips and have blonde hair last longer.

While it might not be possible to COMPLETELY avoid brassiness, there are steps you can take to prevent it as much as possible. 

Choose Your Hair Color Wisely.

Many people mistake in choosing the correct color as everyone hair is different so you must choose your hair color as per your hair type before you go ahead and dye your hair. Ideally, you should opt for cooler tones such as those that come with the word “ash” in their name. These colors are less likely to become brassy, unlike the warmer shades.

Avoid Using Of Hard Water

Water also plays an important role. As it is the common cause of brassiness or other color shift is hard water, which basically means high mineral content in tap water.  If your water is particularly hard (high in mineral content), then it might be wreaking havoc on your blonde hair. Many people live in places where the mineral content in the shower water is high. Installing a shower filter can help to reduce the mineral content, which will help protect your color.

Use Purple Shampoos

Don’t neglect shampoo. You must consider getting purple shampoo which neutralizes unwanted warm tones in your hair specially for girls or women who choose light blonde hair. Because these shampoos are opposite of orange and other warmer hues their violet pigments eliminate brassiness and restore your color. You need to buy a shampoo that doubles as a toner, or what is also known as purple shampoo. This will help you preserve the blonde tone of your hair for way longer, avoiding the orange colors to show off after a week or two.

Avoid Sun And Chlorine

Sun will damage your hair as the chemicals found in hair dyes leave the hair cuticles susceptible to UV damage, chlorine and hard minerals in the water. This damage can cause that gorgeous new blonde color to fade and turn brassy. The chemicals in pool water, namely chlorine, and the UV rays from the sun work together during the summer to sabotage precious strands of every color, but they’re particularly harsh on porous blonde. Over time, that exposure to sunlight and chemicals weakens the hair shaft and leaves hair more vulnerable to breakage and damage—and of course, it also contributes to brassiness

Shampoo Less Often

Shampooing can strip your hair of the color pigments. The more you wash your hair, the faster your hair will go brassy. Avoid washing your color treated hair more than once a week. Instead, try dry shampoo to extend the life of your color.

Hit the Salon

If purple shampoo isn’t fixing your brassy hair color, an in-salon toning treatment may be just the trick. Toner is used to help neutralize any unwanted brassy or warm tones, and can include demi-permanent color or glosses, which can be applied by a professional colorist at the hair salon for best results.  It’s gentler than permanent color treatments because toner adds color pigments onto the hair, rather than lightening the hair. Your hair colorist will use a toner with a violet or blue base to cut out the yellow and orange hues and brighten your color. Toning your hair will also enhance its shine.