Shikha Mittal


Animal tattoo And Their Meanings

Every tattoo has its own meaning. Some tattoo shows aspects of your personality. And if you want to define your personality with tattoo then choose animal tattoo. Also animal tattoo designs are the perfect way to symbolize your own favorite traits by celebrating the animals that share them with you. 

Animal tattoo was popular in the early tribal cultures (especially among the Native Americans). They considered animals as one of the most spiritual beings. They believed that they attain spiritual guidelines through living beings and objects so they get tattoo of different animals. Also they believed one meaning will not cover up the meaning of all tattoo each animal has a specific unique meaning

Animal tattoos include one of the coolest designs; hence you will want to serve justice to the design by choosing the appropriate placement. You can opt fingers, palm, wrist, arm, neck, ankle, or collar bone for small or minimal tattoo and your back, chest, ribcage, thigh, stomach, legs, or full arms will be best to get bigger animal tattoos with descriptive detailing. The most important thing is feeling comfortable once you get your tattoo, and make up your mind whether you want to hide your tattoo or make it visible to others.

And if you go for animal tattoo then first you have to know what they mean. If you're not sure which animals best represent you, check out this collection of animal symbol tattoos, complete with descriptions and stories behind meaning of each one.


Wolf is one of the most tattooed animals as wolf is highly intelligent and resilient. And it is one of the most respected animals throughout history. The wolf is an animal that calls attention due to its beauty, strength and lifestyle. A wolf tattoo represents different symbols according to the culture, but it is attributed to power and protection but in many cultures, the wolf symbolizes destruction, danger, and death.


Owls can symbolize both wisdom and imbecility. And so those are good reasons to get one as a tattoo. In the modern culture as well, owls aren’t simply seen as birds, but rather protectors and mythological guardians. Owls often symbolize the nocturnal life, mystery, and the supernatural as well.


Another popular one is butterflies, the power of transformation. One reason why butterfly tattoo is common among women is that it represents feminism. Though butterfly may begin as an unimpressive insect but then its beauty comes from its ability to keep the faith as it cocoons, goes through a huge transformation during its darkest moments, and emerges an entirely different, gorgeous creature. Thus this tattoo gives feminine vibes.


Elephants never forget, and their old age gifts them with admirable wisdom. Not only does an elephant represent memory, empathy and compassion, there is a strong connection of the species to Buddhism, as the Buddha selected the rare white elephant for his incarnations. A universal symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity and good luck, an elephant makes an unforgettable tattoo design when carefully planned and properly placed on your body's temple.


Bear can be symbolized as kind and wise or angry and fierce. The American Indians saw the bear as an embodiment of power and might. Because of the bear's hibernation patterns their tattoo also symbolized for courage, bravery and even motherhood, nurturing and protection. They are not unlike elephants in their ability to be just as ferocious as they love.


If you get a lion tattoo, you might use one of many different meanings, including royalty, wisdom, and power. The lion tattoo is one of the most popular animal tats in the world because it’s an animal that has an imposing look and it holds meanings that just about anyone can use. 


When it comes to dog tattoos, the meanings they reflect can be as varied as the personalities of the dogs they represent. While some dog tats may convey the joy and playfulness of a puppy, others may reflect the strength of a pit bull.


Cats are believed and connected to various spiritual and supernatural acts. Getting a cat figured tattoo could symbolize Link to magic or even bad omens.

Sea Animals

Also popular tattoo in the form of marine animals.The most attractive tattoo is a picture of a dolphin display, due to the fact that it can be used in a variety of forms, and plus to all the animal symbolizes freedom, kindness and playful disposition. Many people love to use the crab in a futuristic form due to other-worldliness of its kind,but more often he is portrayed as the embodiment of the astrological. Fish tattoos symbolize emotion and protection, while a tattoo of a shark represents superiority and curiosity. 


Birds are a favorable sign: in Christianity, for instance, white dove represents the Holy Spirit. Since each of them has its own significance Swan tattoo evokes thoughts about faithfulness, love and eternal gentleness, while eagle tattoo stands for pride, prescience and independence.

Although every animal have their own meaning and purpose. So before you get inked first gather all the information and talk with your artist for the best design and place to get tattoo.